Love's Naked Nature

Love’s Naked Nature takes place in 1976, and follows the adventures of entomologist Amanda Fowler as she tries to save her Saturday morning nature TV show, Exploration Insects!, from cancellation. As a woman scientist who has had to deal with the rampant sexism of the era, she faces new challenges when her cameraman becomes injured and she unknowingly ends up with two pornographers to film her show. Adding to her troubles are a drug-addicted missionary, a tribe of cannibals, a wild assortment of animals and insects, and her own fears about falling in love. From 1970’s Saturday morning TV, to the world of grindhouse cinema, to the depths of the Amazon jungle, Love’s Naked Nature is a comedic romp through the heart of humanity, celebrating the diversity of the natural and human world.

Love's Naked Nature has been described as a cross between Romancing the Stone, Boogie Nights, and The Gods Must Be Crazy. Comparison's have also been made to John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces.

Begun nearly a decade before it's completion, the story evolved through some tough times in the my life that made writing nearly impossible. In 2011, hell-bent on finishing the novel, I wrote a screenplay version to help me get back into the story. The screenplay made it to the semi-finals of the 2013 BlueCat Screenplay Competition.

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